Starts: 16 Aug 2024

Day: Fri

Time: EST: 2pm // PST: 11am // UK: 7pm

Places available: 2

Price: $189(USD) // £149(GBP)

Course Description

Once you hit B1, you’re getting serious with your Spanish! You’ll find that you start developing fluency, and actually enjoy speaking Spanish. You’re able to understand a good deal of native Spanish, and can even join in conversations around a fairly wide range of topics. You’ll refine your understanding of the tense system, meet and practise the subjunctive, and other thorny areas of grammar. You’ll acquire a wide vocabulary, and start to have lively discussions. You’ll find your spoken fluency and accuracy developing throughout this level.

Your Teacher

Carolina obtained her Masters in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from Barcelona University (although she is from Colombia). She specialises in online learning and the use of technology in teaching.