Starts: 26 Apr 2023

Day: Wed

Time: EST: 10am // PST: 7am // UK: 3pm

Places available: 1

Price: $169(USD) // £130(GBP)

Course Description

Once you hit B1, you’re getting serious with your Spanish! You’ll find that you start developing fluency, and actually enjoy speaking Spanish. You’re able to understand a good deal of native Spanish, and can even join in conversations around a fairly wide range of topics. You’ll refine your understanding of the tense system, meet and practise the subjunctive, and other thorny areas of grammar. You’ll acquire a wide vocabulary, and start to have lively discussions. You’ll find your spoken fluency and accuracy developing throughout this level. Each course is 10 hours, over 10 weeks.

Your Teacher

Carolina obtained her Masters in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from Barcelona University (although she is from Colombia). She specialises in online learning and the use of technology in teaching.