Starts: 18 Oct 2023

Day: Wed

Time: EST: 8pm // PST: 5pm

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Price: $169(USD) // £130(GBP)

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Sold out

Course Description

Our pre-intermediate courses are the bridge between Beginner Spanish and Intermediate Spanish. They’re designed to take you up to B1 level. You’ll get an overview of the tense system and start to practise different tenses. You’ll meet a wide range of verbs, and come out with a wider vocabulary and ability to express yourself in a range of different situations. Standard courses are 10 hours long over 10 weeks, with 6 courses in total for the level. We also offer intensive courses of 20 hours.

Your Teacher

With 10 years of experience, Pilar has a deep focus on enabling communication. She specialises in pronunciation and speaking, developing her students’ accents and spoken Spanish, all while helping them grow their confidence. She has a Masters Degree in Linguistics (focusing on intonation).