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Learning Spanish alone is tough. Join a Spanish Obsessed Academy class today and find community, connection, and encouragement.

Structured Courses

10 week courses, running from Beginner to Upper-Intermediate

(Rusty) Beginners
You’re coming back to Spanish after a break, and need a refresher of some of the foundations
You have a foundation in Spanish, and are looking to start having more connected and fluent conversations
You have covered a lot of grammar and vocabulary, and are now looking to express yourself in new ways
You want to push your Spanish to new heights, expressing yourself in new ways in diverse topics

Find your level

Not sure which class is for you? Take our evaluation to get personalised recommendations and find your level:

Small, intimate classes, from the comfort of your own home

Active learning
You’re a class participant, not in a lecture. You’ll be engaged and speaking in a comfortable atmosphere, whether in a small class or in a breakout room
Small groups
With groups of up to just five students, you’ll get plenty of time and attention to participate and get the most out of the class
Accountability and feedback
Sometimes we just need a little encouragement. Knowing you have a Spanish class each week will make sure that you stay “in the game”. Our teachers give you homework to prep for each class, as well as plenty of feedback to make sure you continue to grow.

“Simply put, these are the best classes I’ve had, and I’ve had many. Our teacher clearly loves what she does and she makes everyone feel safe and comfortable. I love how patient she is, and I don’t fear classes, I look forward to them. It’s the first time I have not been filled with anxiety during class.”

Holly B

Meet the Teachers


Carolina obtained her Masters in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from Barcelona University (although she is from Colombia). She specialises in online learning and the use of technology in teaching. Carolina is leading our pre-intermediate and intermediate classes.


With 10 years of experience, Pilar has a deep focus on enabling communication. She specialises in pronunciation and speaking, developing her students’ accents and spoken Spanish, all while helping them grow their confidence. She has a Masters Degree in Linguistics (focusing on intonation).

Structured, progressive courses

We put communication front and centre. Everything you learn is to communicate: grammar, vocabulary, and all the other parts of language fit in to context, in a communicative approach.

Each level contains 3 courses, of 10 weeks:


Rebuild your base

Learn how to introduce yourself in Spanish, order in bars, describe your daily routine, express likes and dislikes, express agreement and disagreement and much more in this 10 week course (10 hours).

Revisit vocabulary including nationalities, professions, essential verbs, asking and answering spatial questions, describing objects and people.

Cover essential grammar including ser and estar, interrogatives, common verbs and conjugations in the present tense, using and usted, prepositions, gustar and encantar.

See the level overviews for the full syllabus.


Build on your foundation

Talk about the weather and the seasons, ordering in shops and bars, learn how to make plans and suggestions, express obligation, give your opinion, agree and disagree.

Expand your mastery of verbs, learning the present continuous, ir a future, and verbs of obligation and opinion.


Continue covering the basics

Expand your conversational skills to start talking about past events and narratives, meeting the preterite and imperfect tenses, and learning how to accurately talk about the past.

Learn and practise more service-based Spanish to help you on your travels, including phone calls, reservations, and more.

Learn how to use ice-breakers to strike up conversations, make complaints, and learn how to make your argument.


Tell your story

Go deeper with your Spanish, and get practice in a range of conversational settings to help start to build both fluency and accuracy.

After a brief revision of the present tenses, you’ll go into more details into the past tenses. You’ll learn how to tell stories and relate memories and anecdotes.

Learn how to sequence events in your stories, as well as contrasting the preterite and imperfect.

You’ll talk about your own story and learn about others’ too.

See the level overviews for the full syllabus.


Comparing cultures

You’ll cover a wide range of topics and scenarios to expand your vocabulary and conversational skills.

You’ll learn how to describe the world around you with more precision, talking about and comparing people, places and things that we love and admire.

You’ll continue to practise talking about the past, and comparing it with the present.


Past, present and future

Talk about the future, and express your wishes and desires.

By the end of this course you’ll have covered the major past, present and future tenses, and will be able to smoothly navigate between them to tell your story.


Intermediate 1

Start gaining mastery of the past tenses, through story-telling and anecdotes. Learn and use imperatives to give instructions. Agree and disagree with different perspectives more eloquently, and learn how to convince and persuade of your argument:

  • Express courtesy
  • Give advice
  • Social relations and norms
  • Tell anecdotes
  • Master the past tenses
  • Convince and persuade
  • Give instructions
  • Imperatives
  • Present subjunctive
  • Express desires
  • Talk about probability in the present, future, and past
  • Agree and disagree
  • Organise your discourse


Intermediate 2

Talk about past habits, contrasting the preterite with the imperfect. Go deeper with the tricky (yet crucial) verbs ser and estar. Meet the subjunctive in present tense.

  • Past habits and events
  • Ser vs estar (advanced)
  • Indicative vs subjunctive (present tense)
  • Causal conjugations
  • Imperfect vs preterite
  • Connectors


Intermediate 3

Go deeper on the subjunctive, and learn how to contrast this with the indicative. Learn about the past subjunctive, and we’ll start doing more debates about a wide variety of topics

  • Positive and negative imperatives
  • Argument and debate
  • Past subjunctive
  • Indicative vs subjunctive (continued)
  • Sustainability
  • Fatherhood
  • Stereotypes and “interculturality”

In our upper-intermediate classes, the teacher takes a role of facilitator, moderator, and guide. Classes are focused on enabling students to speak, and go beyond their typical topic comfort zones. 

Classes will include grammar and vocabulary as necessary, but growth will come from broad reading and preparation for classes. 

“The conversational classes offered by Spanish Obsessed are an outstanding way to obtain practice in using the language in an authentic manner. I have found the teacher and my classmates to be enthusiastic and supportive, pushing me to use the language and think on my feet. Through having a wide variety of topics and issues, I have broadened my vocabulary and understanding of the nuances of context in which various idiomatic expressions are used. Spanish Obsessed offers an invaluable experience to bring your Spanish to the next level, I cannot recommend it enough! “

Joe Maruszczak

Upper intermediate

Further details....

We currently offer structured 10 week courses (either once or twice a week) for all levels from A1 to B2. We also offer drop-in conversation classes for intermediate students and above.

Classes are given over Zoom. Teachers frequently share their screen and use the “Breakout Room” feature to divide classes into smaller groups for activities.

Our main, structured Spanish courses have a maximum of 5 people per class (plus the teacher!). We will occasionally go up to 6 people, in case students need to transfer between different levels.

Our drop-in classes have between 3 – 8 students.

Head to one of the levels (links at top of page), and you can book from there. If you’re not sure of your level, you can try our evaluation, or book a 15 minute consultation if you have any questions!

We cannot provide refunds on Academy courses. However, we can transfer students between courses, and there is no cost for this.

Yes! However, we recommend taking a consultation with us to start with to ensure that you join the right group. If you still find the class is not for you, you can switch to a different group (depending on availability).

Homework is provided after every lesson to reinforce what’s covered, as well as prepare you for the next lesson. You’ll also join our forum, where you’ll be placed in a group with your class. That’s where the teacher will share materials and resources, and you’ll also be able to connect with other students, teachers, and us!