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Level Description

If you are intermediate, you are able to understand and take part in most interactions with Spanish speakers on familiar topics. You’re able to switch between different tenses in your speaking, and have covered a good amount of Spanish grammar. 

Of course, you still make mistakes, and probably feel a little frustrated with your level (you may have been at this same level for some time now!). Your fluency is developing, but you have your areas of comfort and familiarity, and if you stray outside these find it tough.

If you’re looking to develop both fluency and accuracy in your speaking across a broader range of topics, and “fill in” a few of the more elementary areas you never got around to learning, intermediate is the level for you!

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No! Our courses are structured so that there is a progression between them, but if you have already studied some of the fundamentals you will be able to slot into any of the courses.


We’ll send over details of all the classes, so you can add them to your calendar. We’ll add you to our Google Classroom, and send a few other materials to make sure you’re ready for the classes. 

Yes. Teachers will set homework to be completed between classes, and the first few minutes of each class will be dedicated to review.

You’ll have access to all class materials (and homework) in the Google classroom, so you can see exactly what you’ve missed and what you need to do to catch up. We don’t record any of the lessons.

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We’ve found that having students placed in the right levels is the most important factor for a successful class environment. 

That’s why, in addition to offering the free consultation, we run all of our classes with spare capacity, so that we can move students between classes as needed. 

If you find your class too easy or too difficult let us know and we’ll offer alternatives. 

Your teacher may also make a recommendation for a different group after your first class.

No. We use our own materials, so you do not have to buy anything separately.

Upcoming Courses

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Intermediate 4

Start date: 29 Jun 2024
Start time: EST: 11.15am // PST: 8.15am // UK: 4.15pm
Day of week: Sat
Places Available: 0
Level: Intermediate

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Intermediate 7

Start date: 26 Jun 2024
Start time: EST: 1.45pm // PST: 10.45am // UK: 6.45pm
Day of week: Wed
Places Available: 2
Level: Intermediate

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