Intermediate Classes

Level Description

If you are intermediate, you are able to understand and take part in most interactions with Spanish speakers on familiar topics. You’re able to switch between different tenses in your speaking, and have covered a good amount of Spanish grammar. 

Of course, you still make mistakes, and probably feel a little frustrated with your level (you may have been at this same level for some time now!). Your fluency is developing, but you have your areas of comfort and familiarity, and if you stray outside these find it tough.

If you’re looking to develop both fluency and accuracy in your speaking across a broader range of topics, and “fill in” a few of the more elementary areas you never got around to learning, intermediate is the level for you!


Dates below are for the first class of each course. Each time is local to you:

Course Details

Course length: 10 weeks, weekly

Class size: 4-6

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How it works

  • Once you book, you’ll receive calendar invites for each of the classes. 
  • Classes take place over Zoom
  • Your tutor will leave homework and tasks for you to complete between classes