Intermediate Class

Start date: Feb 23rd

Day of week: Tuesday

Time: 11.30am EST / 8.30am PST / 4.30pm UK


Price: $159 (USD), £120 (GBP)

Class times

  • 1 class per week, 1 hour
  • 10 week course
  • Times shown below. Note that in the UK, classes 4 and 5 are moved forward an hour due to the hour change
1February 23, 202111.30am8.30am4.30pm
2March 2, 202111.30am8.30am4.30pm
3March 9, 202111.30am8.30am4.30pm
4March 16, 202111.30am8.30am3.30pm
5March 23, 202111.30am8.30am3.30pm
6March 30, 202111.30am8.30am4.30pm
7April 6, 202111.30am8.30am4.30pm
8April 13, 202111.30am8.30am4.30pm
9April 20, 202111.30am8.30am4.30pm
10April 27, 202111.30am8.30am4.30pm

Is this my level?

If the following sounds familiar, intermediate is for you!

  • You can understand almost everything you hear, and can form relevant responses (although it might take you a while)
  • You don’t usually make major mistakes in your comprehension, although you will miss subtleties and details
  • You can talk about familiar, everyday topics, and are reasonably happy to go out of your “comfort zone”
  • You know all of the verb forms and when to use them, although make mistakes in their use. For example, you haven’t mastered the preterite vs imperfect, and aren’t sure about the subjunctive.


It can be difficult to judge your own level. If you are in doubt, book a free consultation with us below!


What will I learn?

Intermediate classes focus more on developing your spoken skills. Grammar and vocabulary are covered, but in context, as they come up – these lessons are not a forced march through a grammar textbook!

Over the course you’ll be encouraged to push your spoken Spanish beyond your comfort zone. Each lesson features authentic discussion with your co-students, with the tutor acting as much as a facilitator as teacher. You’ll get feedback on mistakes, as well as suggestions for how to express yourself better. You’ll get stimulating tasks to prepare for each class, keeping you learning between sessions.

You’ll find your spoken Spanish improving over the ten weeks, you’ll get clear direction on areas to improve, and hands-on help in improving them.

How it works

  • Once you book, you’ll receive calendar invites for each of the classes. 
  • Classes take place over Zoom
  • Your tutor will leave homework and tasks for you to complete between classes