Upper - Intermediate Classes

Level Description

If you are upper-intermediate, you can fully function in Spanish and could describe yourself as a “confident” speaker. You’re able to have conversations with native Spanish speakers, and it’s not too much of a strain for either of you.

However, you still lack nuance in your communication, and it still takes time for you to search for the right expression. You feel more fluent in some areas than others, and while you generally understand native Spanish, you still struggle with longer-form, more complex Spanish.

If you’re looking to develop your confidence and fluency further, and are ready to grow your fluency beyond your base of comfort, upper-intermediate is the level for you!

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How it works

  • Once you book, you’ll receive calendar invites for each of the classes. 
  • Classes take place over Zoom
  • Your tutor will leave homework and tasks for you to complete between classes