Language learning

Top Spanish Grammar Tips: Avoid going insane

Learning grammar seems like the necessary evil to learning a language; we treat it as though it’s a time consuming process we just have to get through. It’s also seen as boring and difficult, and tends to be what people struggle with the most. However, this shouldn’t be the case! Try the tips below to see if you can look at Spanish grammar in a different light, and maybe even make it easier and more enjoyable.

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Spanish Rolling R: A Pronunciation Guide

You can perfect your grammar, learn the entire Spanish dictionary, and talk at 100 mph, but the one stumbling block keeping you from sounding really Spanish is the “r” sound. Especially for us native English speakers, this sound is so alien that it seems just impossible.

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Stay with it! How to Keep Up Your Motivation

The hardest thing about learning a language is starting it. The second hardest part is to continue it. Keeping our language learning going is a huge challenge, especially when we are so used to everything being such a quick fix in our modern age. The truth is that properly learning a language is an endless commitment, and there won’t ever come a time when you’ve finished learning it. If you feel your commitment and motivation waning, I’d like to share a few things which have helped me along my journey.

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