Reaching for Words

RFW6: Language learning and technology, with Jo Sayers

Rob chats with old friend Jo Sayers – a language learner, teacher, and technologist:

  • Traits of good language learners (from a teacher’s perspective)
  • Technology: does it help us or hinder us?
  • Pros and cons of language learning apps, and where they best fit in for a language learner
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Reaching for Words

RFW5: Finding joy in language, with Katie Harris

Language learning should be a joy, but can sometimes be a drag. We’ve all experienced that feeling of impatience and boredom that learning a language can sometimes be.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way! Rob talks with Katie Harris (from about ways to inject the joy back into your language learning process.

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Reaching for Words

RFW4: Independent Language Learning, with Lindsay Williams

We chat with Lindsay Williams (from about how to carve your own, independent path in your language learning:

  • How to create structure in your approach
  • How to plan your learning
  • Dealing with motivation and discipline
  • Most effective activities for solo learning
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