Reaching for Words

RFW2: Beginning a Language, with Shannon Kennedy

We chat with Shannon Kennedy, a polyglot who has learned 8 languages, about how to approach a new language:

  • 3 do’s and don’ts when starting a language
  • The role of grammar at the beginner stages of language learning
  • Motivation vs discipline – which is more important?
  • How to build your language learning routine
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Reaching for Words

RFW1: Speaking fluently, with Luca Lampariello

In our first episode, we chat with Luca Lampariello, a renowned polyglot who has achieved high levels of fluency in 13 languages. We discuss:

  • Preparing to speak
  • Keys to fluency
  • Practising speaking
  • Speaking as a performance
  • The mindset of fluency
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What type of Spanish should I learn?

Do you wonder whether you should focus on European or American Spanish? If so, which country? Discover the differences between the Spanish varieties in this guide, and get practical guidance for which variety of Spanish you should focus on.

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