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Build your comprehension by listening to a large, constantly growing bank of engaging, authentic Spanish content at a level that's right for you

Finally understand those pesky areas of Spanish with clear, down-to-earth, in-context explanations from someone who speaks your language

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Hola! We’re Rob Ashby and Lis Salinas – otherwise known as “Spanish Obsessed”, and we’ve spent years helping Spanish learners reach fluency and hit their goals.

  • We’re both language learners and teachers – we know how it feels to learn Spanish, because we’ve done it ourselves! You’ll learn from someone who’s been through the same struggles as you, and has found the keys to reach fluency.

  • As the name suggests, we’re completely obsessed with Spanish. We love everything about it: not just the language, but the culture, its people, and the places where it’s spoken. You’ll see that reflected in our courses!

  • We’ve helped thousands of Spanish learners level up their Spanish, wherever they’re starting from.
Kevin Nagle Pre-intermediate Spanish learner

“I have found I pick up and importantly, remember so much more than the several other systems I have used to try and learn the language. For the first time since deciding to learn Spanish I actually have complete confidence that I will be fluent within the time frame I have set for myself. I’m very excited”

4 ways to learn with a Pro Membership

Unlock our complete course catalogue
Over 60 hours (and growing) of dedicated courses, including:

Conversation Confidence

Take the fast lane to fluency, and learn crucial conversation skills

Perfect Pronunciation

All the tools you need to build a great Spanish accent, from minute sounds to complete phrases and discourse. The most comprehensive pronunciation course on the market right now.

Vocabulary Power

The easiest, quickest way to boost your Spanish vocabulary. Learn how Spanish vocabulary works, and practise with recordings, exercises, and downloads.

Pro Podcasts

Access more podcasts, with constantly growing pro series podcasts for beginner, intermediate and advanced.
Take your comprehension to the next level

Struggle with comprehension? With advanced transcriptions, translations, and in-context explanations you’ll never miss another word again.

Smart Transcripts

Transcripts that follow the audio. Want to repeat a section, or even just a word? Click on that word, and the audio jumps to that section. 

Translations, if you want

Want to only follow the Spanish? Leave translations off. Missed a phrase or word? Easily switch translations on with one click.

In-context explanations

The best way to learn tricky grammar is through real, in-context examples. We highlight interesting constructions, slang, vocabulary, and common mistakes within the transcript.

Comprehensive notes and explanations

Find in-depth explanations within the podcast notes

Reinforce your knowledge with quizzes and exercises

Learn in the Academy
Find community, connection, and encouragement in the Spanish Obsessed Academy.

Save $$$

As a pro member, you’ll get 20% off all Academy classes, as well as priority access to classes, so that you never miss out.
Spanish Obsessed Comunidad

A dedicated forum for pro members, helping you find connection, encouragement, and accountability.

Weekly challenges and discussion

Stay engaged and learning with frequent Spanish challenges and thoughtful discussion

Get feedback on your Spanish

Have burning Spanish questions, or not sure how to say something? Ping us a note in the forum and we’ll get back to you.

Connect with other learners

Learning alone is tough. Learn from other learners’ experiences, helping you stay motivated and on-track.


Real people, real learners, real success

  • Gary McCann
  • Evan
  • Evan
  • Hannah
  • Hannah
  • Andria
  • Art

"After enjoying learning Spanish in school I was still keen to get better, so I planned to become an au pair in Barcelona over the summer. Listening to the Spanish obsessed podcasts was the perfect link between classroom Spanish and understanding a natural, authentic conversation, and it absolutely helped me to survive and understand conversation in the real world!"

Grace Archer, intermediate

"Fun and natural sounding, very easy to understand and the accompanying notes are just the right level of detail. This is my favourite “in car” resource for my commute to work."

Gary McCann, Beginner

"If you are learning Spanish you should be listening to Spanish Obsessed RIGHT NOW! Rob and Liz make the learning process approachable, logical, and keep you coming back with their charm."

Evan, intermediate

"I love Spanish obsessed! The format and content is really accessible and interesting, and it is the first thing I go to when I need a refresher, or am feeling like I am getting rusty."

Tessa, Advanced

"I loved Spanish Obsessed as soon as I listened to the first podcast. I’m a beginner Spanish learner and have been learning for about 3 months. I find the podcasts ideal for listening practice. New vocabulary is introduced slowly and then there’s a chance to listen to it as part of a real life conversation. Rob and Lis also introduce phrases or vocabulary that you wouldn’t necessarily find in text books and other courses. I highly recommend, I have learned loads already from them."

Hannah, Beginner

"One of the things that I've found most difficult in learning Spanish was understanding the real-life spoken language, not the slow and deliberate speech of teachers. The only way to improve is to listen, and this is why I have found the "Spanish Obsessed" podcasts very helpful. The episodes are short enough not to feel like work, the topics are interesting, and from the beginners to the advanced level, the pace picks up. It is also very helpful that there are many different speakers with different accents in the advanced podcasts, as it can be a unique challenge to understand each one of them."

Dr. Philippe Leick, Gerlingen, Germany - Upper Intermediate

"The biggest problems I faced were my lack of confidence and my ability to comprehend native Spanish speakers when they would speak at a normal speed. Spanish Obsessed's advanced podcasts helped me so much because of all the different native speakers, accents, and transcripts provided. It gave me confidence to talk to Spanish speakers, helping me advance even more. What sets Spanish Obsessed apart from other programs is their natural flow and authenticity. You can easily tell they are genuine people passionate about what they do."

Andria, Upper Intermediate

"I was attracted to Spanish Obsessed for the entertaining relaxed format, and have found the program to be so helpful in making Spanish accessible to me. The conversational podcasts, with Liz correcting Rob with common mistakes, have lowered barriers for me - knowing even an accomplished speaker makes mistakes and it is OK. Though the vibe is very relaxed, they have opened up extensive vocabulary, grammar, and cultural topics in a fun way- even learning the difference between "por" and "para" is fun . My growing confidence in speaking Spanish in my medical office has helped so much with connecting with Spanish speaking patients from different countries, and the Spanish Obsessed philosophy and program have helped me significantly. Rob and Liz at Spanish Obsessed are fostering these global connections through their work. I feel I am making progress with Spanish, and look forward to an evaluation to check my level. "

Art Ticknor Winchester, Virginia USA, Intermediate

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Depending on what level you are, you’ll find Spanish from all around the world throughout our courses. While there are some minor differences between European and Latin American Spanish, these certainly aren’t barriers to communication, and learning one type of Spanish won’t stop you from understanding another.
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