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We take our intermediate podcasts to a whole new level in this series! 30 podcasts are divided between 5 topics: Culture, politics, lifestyle, our lives, and learning about Spanish. 

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¿Un perro o un gato?

We go back to our age-old argument of which is the most suitable pet for us. A dog, a cat, or a tortoise?

Be sure to listen to the start of this podcast to help you get the most out of the new series!

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Recetas preferidas

Rob and Lis discuss their cooking abilities, and both describe how to make some of their favourite recipes:

  • Cooking verbs (fritar, freir, etc)
  • Flavours and tastes (amargo, acido)
  • Talking about your favourite food
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La música

Rob and Lis talk about what they listen to, and when…

  • Nuestros géneros preferidos
  • Qué es “música de plancha”
  • La música y nuestras memorias
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El yaje

Rob chats with Judith, Lis’ sister, about her experience with the potent hallucinogen yaje, otherwise known as ayahuasca:

  • La tradición y ceremonia del yaje
  • La experiencia de alucinar
  • Pensamientos acerca del yaje
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El día laboral

Lis tells us about her work day and routine

  • El horario de Lis
  • Trabajo en derechos humanos
  • Las dificultades de trabajar en otro lenguaje
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El tiempo libre

Rob and Lis talk about their spare time: what they’d like to do, and what they actually do

  • Cómo planeamos nuestro tiempo libre
  • Lo que nos gustaría hacer
  • Lo que hacemos en realidad…
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Las películas

Interested in film? Find out Rob and Lis’ top picks for Spanish language films.

  • Los géneros que más nos gustan, y desgustan
  • El hábito de dormir en el cine
  • Los argumentos de nuestras pelis preferidas
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La identidad nacional

Rob and Lis discuss their feelings about national identity, and how they feel being English and Colombian

  • El himno nacional y las banderas
  • ¿Sentimientos de orgullo, o vergüenza?
  • Migración en Colombia
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Las vacaciones peores

We talk about our most stressful, difficult, and nightmarish moments we’ve had during our holidays.

  • La puerta equivocada en el aeropuerto
  • Perdernos en la lluvia y las montañas de Colombia
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La Corrupción

We talk about corruption in Latin America, and the recent political awakenings and fight against corruption. Stick with us, it’s a good one!

  • El índice de corrupción mundial
  • Programas de anticorrupción
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Palabras utiles e interesantes

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