Romantic Spanish Phrases

Rob Ashby

Rob Ashby

The Spanish Obsessive

Woo your lover with these romantic refrains! Spanish is, after all, a Romance language, so spice up your Spanish with these romance phrases – I’m fairly sure your partner will be left quivering at the knees after you tell them that “el amor entra por los ojos”, or that “te encanta”. So, release Cupid’s arrow!

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Telling someone you love them in Spanish

In Spanish, there are several gradations to this, and it can be more subtle than in English. I’ll start with the “weakest”, and move more or less in order to the more serious (when you see two options, e.g. loco and loca, the “o” ending is masculine and for men, the “a” ending is femenine and for women, so choose carefully!):

Te quiero
I love/like you

Te quiero mucho
I love/like you loads

Me gustas
I like you (for more on how to use “gustar”, you should check this article)

Me encantas
I really like you

Me vuelves loco/loca You drive me crazy

Te adoro
I adore you

Te necesito
I need you

Te amo
I love you (very powerful!)

Terms of endearment in Spanish

Some of these sound a little silly in English, but they are all often used!

Mi cielo
My heaven

Mi angel
My angel Cariño

Mi amor
My love

Mi vida
My life

Mi corazón
My heart


Spanish Compliments (piropos), and other cheesy phrases

Spanish has its own fair share of tacky phrases and chat up lines too, use these sparingly…! These are all traditional.

Si cierro los ojos y vuelvo a abrirlos, vas a estar todavía?
If I close and then open my eyes, will you still be there?

La luna controla las mareas, y tu mi corazón
The moon controls the tides, and you control my heart

Que rico olor… que tiene esta flor
How beautiful is the smell… Of this flower

Spanish love refrains

El amor entra por los ojos
Love enters through the eyes

El amor es como el agua que no se seca
Love is like water which never dries

5 Responses

  1. Hi¡ Robbo
    Excellent work¡ Im really interested to learn spanish romantic worlds, I thinks sound amazing.
    Now I want to share with you ….

    Mi táctica es
    aprender como sos
    quererte como sos
    mi táctica es
    y escucharte
    construir con palabras
    un puente indestructible
    mi táctica es
    quedarme en tu recuerdo
    no sé cómo ni sé
    con qué pretexto
    pero quedarme en vos
    mi táctica es
    ser franco
    y saber que sos franca
    y que no nos vendamos
    para que entre los dos
    no haya telón
    ni abismos
    mi estrategia es
    en cambio
    más profunda y más
    mi estrategia es
    que un día cualquiera
    no sé cómo ni sé
    con qué pretexto
    por fin me necesites

  2. I have met a girl from honduras and want to learn better spanish to be able to talk to her. I know a little. what is a good online course to fully learn…free would be awesome, but i will pay for her lol.

    1. Hey – free’s the way to go! However, there’s no one course that can really teach you Spanish fully (except ours of course). Look to get variety, be curious, at start practising it asap. That’s how to really learn!

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