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Beginners 2: Resolutions

We’ve just reached another new year, and another opportunity to make and break new years resolutions! We run through the most popular resolutions, and tell you our own new years resolutions. Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • Do they have new years resolutions in Colombia?
  • The top 10 most popular resolutions, and how to say them in Spanish
  • How to say your own resolutions, in Spanish
Lis Salinas

Lis Salinas







Hola a todos y bienvenidos a spanishobsessed this is our beginner podcast 2, estoy con Lis, hola Lis [Hi everyone and welcome to Spanish Obsessed… I’m with Lis, Hi Lis]
Hola Rob, hola a todos [Hi Rob, hi everyone]
¿Cómo estás? [How are you?]
Muy bien gracias, ¿tú cómo estás? [Very good thanks, how are you?]
Muy bien gracias, today we coming to the end of the year 2012 and starting 2013, in England when we finish our year as you all know we a lot of people come up with new year´s resolutions and I’ve certainly thought of a few, I’m sure Lis has a few as well, we are going to talk about that later, I was wondering in Colombia is there a custom of resolutions for the new year?
We have a custom called 12 wishes but it is the same as here
Ok we have resolutions and in Colombia they have wishes.
So, I have done a little bit of research and out of curiosity I wanted to see what the most popular resolutions were, so thanks to we have the 10 most popular resolutions. So I wonder if you can guess what they are, so number ten, what is it Lis, in Spanish?
Bajar de peso [To lose weight]
Bajar de peso
and what does that mean?
It means when you want to lose weight and get fit
Ok bajar de peso, and how do you say to get fit
Ponerse en forma
Ok, so a popular resolution, bajar de peso y ponerse en forma. Lose weight and get fit, do you want to do that?
Yeah yeah, after Christmas time I have to.
What’s resolution number 9, the ninth most popular?
Dejar de fumar [To stop smoking]
Dejar de fumar
Ok and what does that mean?
Quit smoking
Quit smoking, yes, so very popular one there, to quit smoking, dejar de fumar. Quiero dejar de fumar. I want to quit smoking, do you want to quit smoking, ¿quieres dejar de fumar? 
I am not smoking
So what’s resolution number 8?
Aprender algo nuevo, it means to learn something new
Cool! how do you say that again?
Aprender algo nuevo
Aprender algo nuevo
For example, yo quiero aprender a bailar tango
Yo quiero aprender a bailar tango, so aprender is learn, algo
Yeah, aprender algo nuevo , great, so Lis wants to learn tango, what do you want to learn? What’s resolution number 7?
Very important, salir de la deuda y ahorrar dinero, salir de la deuda y ahorrar dinero [To get out of debt and save money]
What does it mean?
Can you help me?
Yes, so it means get out of debt, salir de la deuda, y save money ahorrar dinero, very popular one especially in Spain I imagine, with the crisis.
Ok what about resolution number 6, the 6th most popular?
Comer más sano y hacer una dieta [To eat more healthily and go on a diet]
Comer más sano y hacer una dieta
Comer más sano, so eat healthier y hacer una dieta and go on a diet or start a diet y tú Lis ¿quieres comer mas sano? [Do you want to eat more healthily?]
Y ¿quieres hacer una dieta? [And do you want to go on a diet?]
También [Also]
I don’t think so, right, what about number 6th no the 5th most popular resolution?
Pasar más tiempo con la familia [To spend more time with the family], very important
What does it mean?
Just you have to share more time with your family
And how do you say it again?
Pasar más tiempo con tu familia
Pasar más tiempo con la familia, con tu familia
Or you can say compartir con la familia, compartir means to share
So pasar spend more time or compartir; share more time, that’s nice, very good one. What about number 4
Viajar a sitios nuevos [Travel to new places]
And what does that mean?
Travel, and travel, and travel a lot
So viajar is travel, a sitios nuevos to new place, ¿y Lis dónde quieres viajar? [Lis, where do you want to travel?]
I want to go to México this year and Spain and Italy
Lots of places
Yes and a lot of money as well, but
And number 3, what is the third most popular resolution?
Estar menos estresados, very important for English people. Estar menos estresados [To be lessed stressed]
And what does that mean?
Be less stressed
Be less streessed, yes I think this is very important for people in England, who are always very stressed, it’s very important to , estar menos estresados and this is a good one because if you are a man you say estresado, with an o at the end if you are women estresada so it’s an adjective which changes, so Lis ¿quieres estar menos estresada? [Do you want to be less stressed?]
Sí estaré menos estresada el otro año [Yes, I will be less stressed next year]
Muy bien, and the second most popular resolution
Hacer voluntariado [To do volunteering]
And what does it mean?
It is like an internship job, unpaid job, volunteer job
So be an a volunteer, hacer voluntariado, y ¿tú Lis vas a hacer voluntariado? [Are you going to do volunteering?]
Sí, lo estoy haciendo [Yes, I’m doing it]
Muy bien, and finally the most popular in England, see if you can guess what’s the most popular I think it’s not surprising at all , What is the most popular resolution?
Beber menos alcohol [Drink less alcohol], the same word
So I’m sure you can guess what it means
Drink less
Drink less, especially in England y Lis, tú en el otro año, ¿tú quieres beber menos? [Lis, you next year, do you want to drink less?]
I’m not drinking a lot but I have to
Very good, so those were the most popular new years resolutions we also came with our own Spanish Obsessed resolutions, so there is a question that you can ask to find out what someone’s resolutions are, so Lis how do you say to someone “what are your new year’s resolutions”?
¿Cuáles son tus resoluciones para el año que viene? Cuáles son tus resoluciones para el año que viene? [What are your new years resolutions?]
So Ok Lis, ¿Cuáles son tus resoluciones para el año que viene?
Bien, la primera, mejorar mi nivel de inglés, la segunda aprender a bailar tango, también quiero aprender a tocar guitarra, mejorar y viajar a México. [Ok, the first one, improve my level of English, the second to learn to dance tango, I also want to learn to play guitar, improve and travel to Mexico]
What was number 1?
Mejorar mi nivel de inglés [Improve my level of English]
Right, and what does that mean?
I need to improve my English
Mejorar, improve, mi nivel de inglés, my level of English, my English. OK, what was number 2?
Aprender a bailar tango [To learn to dance tango]
Aprender a bailar tango? and what does it mean?
Bailar, dance tango. Ahora Rob ¿cuáles son tus resoluciones para el año que viene? [Now Rob, what are your new years resolutions?]
Número uno es aprender a nadar mejor, segundo es aprender Ruso, el idioma ruso y finalmente el número 3 es tomar menos cafeína, yo tengo un problemo, tomo demasiada cafeina. [Number one is to learn to swim better, second is to learn Russian, the Russian language, and finally number 3 is to drink less caffeine, I have *a problem*, I drink too much caffeine]
Un problema [A problem – Correction of Rob]
Un problema, gracias! Quiero tomar menos cafeina [A problem, thanks! I want to drink less caffeine]
Y cerveza [And beer]
yY cerveza también, gracias! [And beer too, thanks!]
Number one aprender a nadar mejor, means aprender – to learn, a nadar mejor– to swim better. I am not a very good swimmer I want to learn how to swim better, it will be my new exercise. Number 2 I said aprender ruso, so aprender again- to learn and then Ruso is Russian. I used to speak Russian unfortunately I’ve forgotten most of it, so I’d love to learn that again, and finally tomar menos cafeina y alcohol so drink less caffeine, I drink far too much coffee so it would be great to drink less caffeine and while we’re at it maybe less alcohol as well. So what are your new year’s resolutions? Why don’t you let us know in the comments below, we’ll be really interested in finding out you can tell them in English, or Spanish, or whatever you like. Until then that’s all from us spanishobsessed I’ll say hasta luego [Goodbye]
Muchas gracias, hasta la pròxima! [Many thanks, until next time!]


Initial conversation

Rob: Hola a todos y bienvenidos a spanishobsessed this is our beginner podcast 2, estoy con Lis, hola LisHi everyone and welcome to Spanish Obsessed, I’m with Lis, hi Lis
Lis: Hola Rob, hola a todosHi Rob, hi everyone
Rob: ¿Cómo estás? How are you?
Lis: Muy bien gracias, ¿tú cómo estás?Very good thanks, how are you?

New year’s resolutions

¿Cuáles son tus resoluciones para el año que viene?What are your resolutions for next year?
Bajar de pesoTo lose weight
Ponerse en formaTo get in shape
Dejar de fumarTo stop smoking
Quiero dejar de fumarI want to stop smoking
Aprender algo nuevoTo learn something new
Yo quiero aprender a bailar tangoI want to learn to dance tango
Salir de la deuda y ahorrar dineroTo get out of debt and save money
Comer más sano y hacer una dietaTo eat more healthily and go on a diet
Pasar más tiempo con la familiaSpend more time with the family
Viajar a sitios nuevosTravel to new places
Estar menos estresadosTo be less stressed
Hacer voluntariadoTo volunteer
Beber menos alcoholTo drink less alcohol
Mejorar mi nivel de inglés To improve my level of English
Aprender a bailar tango To learn to dance tango