Introducing… The Spanish Obsessed Academy

Rob Ashby

Rob Ashby

The Spanish Obsessive

We’re developing an online academy for our learners. We aim to combine the convenience of at-home learning with the push and structure that a live class gives you – essential in today’s circumstances. In this article, we’ll talk about what we hope to build, and how you can get involved and help shape it!

What is this?

Live classes in-person are getting harder to attend, and for many people have always been a non-starter. It can be difficult to get to a college or academy, and classes can be inflexible and inconvenient. On the other hand, 1-1 online classes via Skype are flexible and extremely personalised. However, they can lack the community, motivation, and connection that learning with fellow students provides. We want to combine the convenience and flexibility of at-home learning with the encouragement, fellowship and structure of classes.

But… what exactly is it?

We’ll offer highly structured, short courses for intimate groups of 4, focused on areas of Spanish that are actually useful and engaging. Four students is just the right number that gives each person plenty of quality time with the teacher, but enables interactivity and mutual support. We’ll do these classes online, most likely over a technology such as Zoom. Apart from the live classes, each course will include coursework and community interaction through a forum – we’ll be helping each other out between classes too! We’ll make full use of the wide range of tools and technologies available online now, giving a learning experience which dusty classrooms just can’t provide. And who’s the teacher? Our very own Lis Salinas! Lis has finally completed her teaching diploma, so alongside her years of teaching and materials development, you’ll be talking with someone you actually already know!

Get involved

We’re starting out with a pilot project, and we want your input! We’re going to kick off with a course of 4 weeks, and 8 lessons (2 a week). It will cost $59 – that’s less than the full price, and just over $7 per class…! If you’re interested in being part of the pilot project, or even just letting us know how you think these courses should work, we’ve put (yet another!) survey just below this article. It’ll take less than two minutes to complete. Oh, and one more thing: if you can think of a better name than “Spanish Obsessed Academy”, let us know 🙂

Take the survey

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  1. El primer episodio de Adv 1 describió partes de Colombia. Acabo de leer el libro “Magdelana”, una historia de Colombia de Wade Davis. Fue tan deprimente y triste que solo pude leerlo alrededor de 2/3. Pero cuando Lis describió las áreas del país, sentí que ya sabía mucho sobre ellas.
    Estoy pensando sobre tomando el nuevo curso durante el verano. Empezaría en junio. Ahora mismo tengo demasiados quehaceres.

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