Speaking fluently, with Luca Lampariello

In our first episode, we chat with Luca Lampariello, a renowned polyglot who has achieved high levels of fluency in 13 languages. We discuss:

  • Preparing to speak – when should we speak, and is there anything we can and should do in advance?
  • Keys to fluency – is fluency a skill that we can develop, or a representation of our overall level of language?
  • Practising speaking – how can we practise, other than simply speaking with people? Is there anything else we can do?
  • Speaking as a performance – how can you deal with pressures of the moment, and to what extent is speaking an act of “performance”?
  • The mindset of fluency

Links and resources:

LucaLampariello.com – Luca’s personal website, where he offers coaching sessions

Learning how to learn – The course which teaches you how to learn, from Coursera

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