Get a headstart in your spanish fluency

Take a tour through Spanish in 95 phrases, designed to boost your fluency

What's in 95 Phrases for Fluency?

If you’re a Spanish beginner, your first job is to build your initial phrase bank.

These are the phrases that you rely on every day – your conversation crutches

However, the phrases you choose matter.

The phrases we’ve chosen are functional. This means that you’ll be able to use them in many different situations.

They also contain a wide variety of grammar.

This gives you a taste of what you can expect in your Spanish speaking journey – when you’ve already “met” the grammar in a phrase, you’ll find that when you learn the rules they simply “click into place”.

For each phrase, we’ll break down its construction, and why we love it:


We'll explain how each phrase is "constructed". You'll learn the grammar and vocabulary, and get a taste of a wide range of grammatical forms and structures

Why we love it

We explain why we think you should learn each phrase. You'll learn the function of each phrase, and when you could use it in your conversation.

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