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Don’t just learn Spanish vocabulary; learn how Spanish vocabulary actually works. Pick up natural, genuine Spanish, spoken in a way that you’ll actually hear around the world. Practice what you learn, with over 100 quizzes, questions, and exercises.

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Learn how to quickly and effortlessly expand your vocabulary by thousands of words, using what you already know!

You probably already know common verbs like hacer and ir, but what does it mean to really know a word? Explore how to get more out of these power verbs, and express yourself naturally in a variety of situations.

By learning some simple rules you can expand your vocabulary. Learn how Spanish words are related, and how to work out the meaning of a word based on what you already know.

Spanish has loads of partial words (prefixes and suffixes) which can be used to change the meaning of words. Learn the most common, and apply them to your vocabulary.

How do you learn vocabulary? If your method involves poring over a vocabulary list, you might want to reconsider your approach! Over 3 vocabulary concepts, you’ll learn effective and practical methods of memorising and retaining large amounts of vocabulary.