Starting again in Spain

Rob Ashby

Rob Ashby

The Spanish Obsessive

Meet Mick. Mick did what many people dream of, and left England to start a new life in Valencia, Spain. Being old friends from Valencia, we went to visit Mick and his family in their lovely country-side villa to the north of the city.

Mick completed a one year Erasmus course in Salamanca in 2006, which is when his love affair with Spain began. After a stint working in London, he chose to move to Valencia to set up again. He started working as an English teacher (where he met Rob), before venturing out to set up his own venture in wine exports. He is now in the enviable position of working for himself (Messum Exports) in a fun industry where his passion lies, all the while soaking up the warm Mediterranean sun of Valencia with his Spanish wife Sandra and 2 year old son Arthur.

He has also created and recently launched an interesting new product called “Pompita” – incorporating local inspiration and regional twists to bring a new, high quality sangria to the world. You can find out more about Pompita below, or on the Pompita website.

After our visit we took the chance to catch up with him over Skype, where he tells us of his experience in starting again in Spain, as well as his recent business ventures.

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